Dear Struggling Single Parents,

Sely Chronicles


Parenting has to be one of the most important yet difficult things to do in life… Think about it, you are in charge of how this person life goes… sorta. Well you’re in charge for how their childhood goes which eventually has to do with who they mold into as a young adult.

I’ve always dreamed of having that little perfect family and my child being raised with both mom and dad in the household… no reason why that was a dream after all.. (easier said than done).Things are always imagined much easier than they actually tend to be. Sometimes you can only take responsibility for what you do or don’t… Other people are going to do what they please..Doesn’t mean it’s ok, doesn’t mean its your fault.. That just means life is doing what it does best… Being unpredictable!

Weather you know it or not, kids notice and feel…

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