Drunks and Druggies don’t deserve to have custody of children.

If you’re a person who needs to be smoking pot and having your mind altered you don’t deserve to have children in your Custody. Your children deserve your Unadulterated attention they don’t deserve your mind to be numbed and not having your full attention at all times during the time that they are being raised. Sorry pot heads your wrong it’s called child abuse. There is no difference between a drunk and a druggy raising a child. Just because the government is giving out medical Marijuana cards like candy 🍭 doesn’t make it right. Just something to think about. Arguing about this stuff with me isn’t going change my mind. Parents shouldn’t be drunks or druggys. If you’re gonna be Recreational about it send your kids away to grandmas house for a few days until you sober up. But oh yeah what happens during a emergency during your fun time you are unavailable out of your minds drunk or stoned. This parent has checked out.