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First of all any and all donations to go to the support of building and maintaining the website and network that performs many wonderful functions: building bonds and community, keeping material items from the landfills, and redeeming the clutter that consumes us by moving it forward to a new, productive life.

However, as one of the largest Single Parents website in the world, we have rather substantial server, bandwidth and coding expenses. Your help to keep this incredible grassroots effort going is deeply appreciated.

We depend upon donations to help meet these expenses and to continue to refine and spread our extraordinarily successful SPHSP™ infrastructure.Your generous donations to The SPHSP Network are not tax deductible as we are not a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization yet but we are a work in progress (thanks to you!).
Thank you for your support in “changing the world one gift at a time.”
There are a few ways to help us. First, register with us so you are part of our email list. Second, donate and support us. exists on donations. Give a one time gift or a small amount every month. You can access our donation page at the top of the website. Every little bit counts. Third, share our content with others via email, social media or word of mouth. Fourth, share with us your suggestions, stories, thoughts and experiences. We want to create a community where parents can share their experiences and suggestions to help each other improve. Tell us your story.

Along with benefits, resources, and articles, SPHSP includes a Social Platform to make your own. You will be able to upload your own personal profile with images, wall paper, stories, comments, questions, videos, etc. We encourage all members that are new to the community to spend some time getting familiar with all the features and benefits.

This website contains videos of parenting skills, examples of how to implement the skills, printouts, handouts, worksheets and suggestions on how to teach them to your children.We invite you to join us and become part of our community. We hope to help families around the world fulfill their most important work, that of raising their children.News and Media Outlets: Please contact us for more information.

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