Chapter Activities

What do Chapters and Chapter Members Do?
Chapters range in size from 10 to 4,oo0 members.

Chapters are run entirely by volunteer members who assume a variety of leadership roles.

All chapters, to comply with their SPHSP charters, run programs balanced among three areas: Educational activities, Family activities and Adult Social/Recreational activities.

Educational Activities may be group discussions, lectures by professionals, study groups, training seminars, leadership, personal growth opportunities, regional and zone conferences, and the International Convention.

Family Activities may include holiday activities, potluck suppers, fun and educational outings, picnics, hikes, camping, bowling, etc. for children and their parents. These activities may be unique in that they are the one place where children can be with other single parent children.

Adult Social/Recreational Activities help single parents learn to relate again with other adults as single persons in a safe environment.

Chapters may also conduct community service programs. These include community outreach (speakers for seminars and workshops in the community), fundraising for national or local charities, or cooperative exchanges (such as baby-sitting, clothing, or toy exchanges).

Chapters are organized under Regional Councils/Areas and Zones, which coordinate programs and sponsor conferences.

Benefits of an International Organization
As an international organization, Single Parents Helping Single Parents offers the following services to all members:

Advocacy: SPHSP speaks for all single parents and their children at conferences, in national coalitions, and in workshops. The International Board of Directors support legislative policies and priorities to further the interests of single parent families.

An International Convention: Every year, members conduct organization business and elections, and attend workshops on both single parenting subjects and on how to run SPHSP programs at the chapter level. Children and adults may receive special awards for arts and talent.

Organization Awards: A number of awards are available at many levels of the organization in the areas of Community Relations, Family and Youth, Membership, Program, Legislative Action, and the Distinguished Service to Children Award to a person or group that has made a great contribution to children and teens.

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