Donation’s For A Family In Need

Mommy Effer


I am the treasurer of the Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio MOMS Club. The International MOMS Club is a non-profit organization that provides support for mothers and children within each community.
This past year one of our members, Melissa, lost her battle with an inoperable brain tumor, leaving behind a grief-stricken husband {Ethan} and 3 small children {Brenden, Kage, & Zoe}. This will be their first holiday season without their ‘rock’. I’m in the process of collecting donations to help ease their financial situation and make their holidays a little brighter during this difficult time. Ethan has just informed us that they recently lost their food assistance and health insurance and he is doing all he can to provide for and support his children. If you would like to donate -anything- PLEASE do so. I know all too well how money can be tight, but even just $5 can go far for…

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