Mistake At Clinic Leaves Woman Pregnant with Another Couple’s Twins!

NOW 100.5 FM

One of the last words a couple going through fertility treatment wants to hear is “mix-up”, but that’s exactly what happened to one couple. Newser is reporting that after undergoing In Vitro Fertilization a woman became pregnant with twins, except they weren’t her and her partners. During the implantation of the embryos there was a mix-up and the wrong embryos were implanted.

What’s even worse? She wasn’t notified of the mistake until she was 3 months pregnant. The switch happened on a day when 4 couples were receiving treatment. There is no word on how the mistake happened or if any other couples were implanted with the wrong embryos.

The health ministry is launching a full investigation and has put a stop to the clinic performing anymore implantation’s.

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