Mom says daughter with special needs excluded from yearbook

Please Call and Voice your disappointment.
Community Learning Center
Home of:
Blue Peak High, Adult Education, and CTE programs
211 S. Tooele Blvd., Tooele, UT 84074
Phone: 435-833-8700
Fax: 435-833-8785
Principal: Mat Jackson

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TOOELE COUNTY, Utah — There’s a yearbook to mark every year 21-year-old Amber Bailey has completed in the classroom in Tooele County. But this year, the special needs student is missing from her copy of the book.

“It’s kind of like they singled out the students who were in the transition program and said, ‘We don’t want you in our yearbook,’” said Amber’s mother, Leslee Bailey.

She was shocked to see her daughter’s picture missing from the Blue Peak High School yearbook this spring. Bailey, who has Down syndrome, attends classes at the county’s Community Learning Center, which is housed in the same building as the high school.

For the last two years, the school has always included the 17 special needs students from the center in the yearbook. However, this year, a change was made.

“They’ve been to school with these kids,” Leslee Bailey said. “They’ve…

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