Parent Catchphrases

Real as the Streets

If my parenting style could be described in one word, that word would be, “no.”

I’m a Christian so there’s a whole box of “no,” right there. I’m also a first time Momma and a single parent so… “nope.”

For the longest my baby girl probably thought my name was, “no.” But I didn’t realize how bad I was until one of my daughter’s first words was, “no.” Smh.

Sometimes I switch it up with tried and true parenting catch phrases:

  • “Stoppit!”
  • “Put it down.”
  • “Leave that alone.”
  • “This isn’t food.”
  • “Lord, have mercy.”
  • “That’s not a toy!”
  • “Give it here!”
  • “Don’t make me come over there.”
  • “You got til the count of 3.”
  • “Lord, give me strength.”
  • “Where’s my wine?”
  • “Alexa: Do hospitals accept returns?” (lol, jk!)
  • “NAP TIME!”

I’m trying to lighten up a bit, though. My young’in is really a sweetheart just trying to find her way…

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