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Toxic Additives in Children’s Flintstones Vitamins Contains Aspartame, GMOs and Other Hazardous Ingredients

Brought to you by the company who found their product tainted with AIDS and instead of destroying the shipment… they sent it to and sold it in a third world country. What a nice company.

Top Children’s Vitamin Brand Contains Aspartame, GMOs and Other Hazardous Ingredients

Doug L. Bullock forget about the additives in childrens vitamins. Look at the vitamins themselves. They are fake, imitation synthetic chemicals that look like a vitamin in a chemistry lab. They are made from crude oil and coal tar. If anyone wants to feed THAT to their kid then there must be something wrong with them as a parent. Vitamins that are made from REAL FOOD actually build the body while the fake ones are just toxic and useless. I have used the real food sourced ones for years now and they WORK

Published on Nov 2, 2013

A number of toxic additives are contained in Flintstones vitamins, according to the National Health Federation. These synthetic additives are actually banned in many countries due to the fact that they are not only harmful to people, but dangerous to the environment as well. This raises the question of why these poisonous chewables are being used by parents as a substitute for the vitamins that can be found in natural foods. On this clip from the Lip News, Lissette Padilla and Mark Sovel raise these concerns while suggesting simple methods that parents can use to keep their children safe.