Conversation with a Covid 19 contact tracer

So I asked a Covid 19 tracer for a interview today conversation went like this.

Me: Hey question how would you like to do a interview for my website about your job and this COVID crisis? Obviously only if you’re not going to get in trouble and of course We wouldn’t want to Violate any Hippa laws
But I think people would be really interested in a first hand account of somebody doing Covid tracking I think it would be cool.

Them: Glad to hear you’re doing great!
Thank you for asking for an interview! I think it would be very interesting too. However, I will have to run it by my case managers, I may have to direct you to them for interviews but I will definately ask.

Me: You just would seem to be a good voice and Demeanor from our conversation You seem to be a genuine person.

Them: Thank you. I’m afraid I will have to defer you to my case manager. I’d be happy to send their info. Have a good night. Your email is updated so you should get that monitoring survey in your inbox tomorrow.

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