Audio Post Franklin County Sheriff’s Office SWAT deputies shot Rexton Lotus Justice in North Linden, who has shared info regarding #Epstein Ohio links was shot in standoff. arrested after hours-long

Big story here I have been involved with!

Anti Deep State Party

Cindy Trethewey

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Anyone with information as to where the deep state took

Rexton Lotus Justice

, what hospital she’s in or what jail she is at, message me. Her wife Rae Roll was absconded as well and is in state custody. They both are. Where are they? Calling the Franklin County Police Department will get us no where. We’re told they cannot give out any information.

  • Rae was released after 7 hours of interrogation. They took her phone. They took what money she had. They would give her no access to a phone to call some one so she had to walk from DT Columbus until she reached a safe place…over 7 miles. AND she had no shoes on and ended up getting glass shards in her feet from walking.
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Damn Columbus, Ohio is up to alot…

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